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Play Like a Champion Today 
2021 Virtual Spring Break Camp Sessions

Thank you for completing your registration for the Play Like a Champion's 2021 Virtual Spring Break Camp! We are excited to provide your kids with this unique opportunity and hope they enjoy the chance to get moving, learn new skills, think about sportsmanship and have FUN! Below are 5 on-demand camp sessions that your children can participate in at your convenience. These sessions can be accessed with an internet connection on any device and are hosted via YouTube, so they can easily be displayed on a phone, tablet, TV or computer.

Virtual Spring Break Camp - Day 1

  • Welcome 

  • Jump Roping Drills with Coach Ashley from Girls in the Game

  • Aerobics with Coach Orlandus Thomas

  • Mindfulness with Coach Orlandus Thomas

  • What Does it Mean to Play Like a Champion? with Kristin Sheehan

  • Closing Gratitude Exercise

Virtual Spring Break Camp - Day 2

  • Welcome & Joke of the Day

  • Basketball Drills with Coach Katie Tillman

  • Cardio Workout with Coach Slater

  • Character Lesson with Gloria Fleming

  • Mindfulness with Coach Andrea 

  • Closing Gratitude with Kristin Sheehan

  • Learning an Irish Jig with Leprechaun Lynette

Virtual Spring Break Camp - Day 3

  • Welcome from ESPN's Dick Vitale

  • Football Drills with Former NFL Running Back Matt Lawrence

  • Yoga with Coach Joanna Cote

  • Character Lesson with Coach Michael Poole

  • Mindfulness with Coach Kim Hill

  • Learning a New TikTok Dance with Abby

  • Daily Gratitude

Virtual Spring Break Camp - Day 4

  • Welcome from High School Student-Athletes

  • Soccer Drills with Coach Steve

  • Hip-Hop Aerobics with Coach Orlandus Thomas

  • Mindfulness with Coach Orlandus Thomas

  • A Character Lesson on Bullying with Coach Anthony Ianni

  • Daily Gratitude and Joke of the Day

  • Learning the Renegade with Jordyn

Virtual Spring Break Camp - Day 5

  • Welcome from Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz

  • Baseball & Softball Drills with Coach Brian Gannon

  • Exercise with Coach Andy

  • Storytime with Coach Dana Cavalea (A Character Lesson)

  • Mindfulness & Gratitude with Coach Kim Hill

  • Dance Time with Coach Kim Hill

Thanks for registering and participating in our Virtual Spring Break Camp! Play Like a Champion is making this virtual spring break camp available for FREE because we believe that all children, regardless of their family’s economic circumstances, should be able to play sports and participate in camps, whether virtual or in person. COVID-19 has hit some families much harder than others. If you are able, we ask you to consider making a donation to Play Like a Champion so that we can continue to pursue our mission of providing a safe and supportive youth sports environment for all children. We appreciate whatever you can contribute. 

If you have any questions about the camp, please email This camp imagines the beginning of a new future of youth sports where all children have the opportunity to play, to grow and flourish. 

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