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2021 Virtual Spring Break Sport Camp

With COVID-19 still challenging our country and families being urged not to travel, you might be wondering what you will do with your kids over their upcoming Spring Break. Look no further! Last June, Play Like a Champion offered Virtual Summer Sport Camps that attracted hundreds of children. Now we are bringing you the "Best of the Best" sessions from June for a Virtual Spring Break Camp. It's a chance to get moving, learn new skills, think about sportsmanship and most of all have some fun! Our Virtual Spring Break Camp will include 5 days of activities, providing kids with approximately 90 minutes each day of programming* from an all-star lineup of youth, high school and college coaches. Each day will include a period of sport specific training, mindfulness exercises designed to improve mental health and performance, cardio-focused fitness, and character development from Play Like a Champion staff. Most importantly, the camp is designed to provide a fun outlet for kids from across the country.

*Camp sessions will be pre-recorded so you can access the camp at your convenience.

What can campers expect?

When you register, you will receive an email that will give you access to all 5 Camp days which include the following: 


  • Welcome & Joke of the Day (5 Minutes)

  • Sport-Specific Training Drills (20 Minutes)

  • Cardio & General Movement Activities (30 Minutes)

  • Character Development (15 Minutes)

  • Mindfulness Meditation (10 Minutes)

  • Closing Gratitude Exercise (5 Minutes)


The "sport-specific training" portion of camp will include coaches leading workouts in a variety of sports that both hone traditional skills and encourage sports sampling. While designed around a popular sport, these workouts will be adaptable to any child's setup or equipment and focus on a wide-range of exercises that will benefit kids playing any sports. 

If 5 days of fun is not enough, just email us and we'll send your family additional days to add to your camp experience.


Play Like a Champion is making this virtual spring break camp available for FREE because we believe that all children, regardless of their family’s economic circumstances, should be able to play sports and participate in camps, whether virtual or in person. COVID-19 has hit some families much harder than others. If you are able, we ask you to consider making a donation to Play Like a Champion so that we can continue to pursue our mission of providing a safe and supportive youth sports environment for all children. We appreciate whatever you can contribute. 

If you have any questions about the camp, please email This camp imagines the beginning of a new future of youth sports where all children have the opportunity to play, to grow and flourish. 

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