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A Prayer for the Start of the Year

Blessed are you, Lord God, Creator of body and mind and heart; you have sent the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge to guide your people in all their ways.

At the beginning of this new year for school and sports, we implore your mercy: bless the athletes, parents, teachers, coaches and leaders of our community, that together we may grow in faith, hope and love as we learn from you and each other how to follow your Son Jesus. Expand the horizons of our minds, that we may grow in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge; deepen our commitment to seek the truth of your ways; help us to grow physically as we use the gifts and talents you have given us; and enliven our faith to reach out to those in need. Finally, keep us safe from illness and injury as we navigate the seasons ahead.

Glory and praise to you, Lord God, forever and ever. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Adapted from Prayer for the Start of the School Year, Archdiocese of New Orleans


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