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A Friendship Prayer for Teammates

Lord, bless my teammates and me! Help us to grow in fondness for one another, So that joy becomes the fruit of friendship’s vine. Make trust the glue that binds, and honesty the bridge to mutual respect. When one of us is overwhelmed by misfortune, Send the other to lighten the load.If there be hurt and suffering, let compassion soothe our pain. And, Lord, in moments of hard questioning, may fairness and wise judgement prevail. Should faults be laid bare, help us to understand human failing and be quick to forgive. When one of our team is weak, Lord, grant another may be strong. When evil shadows threaten, let our loyalty be a source of light to dispel the darkness.And on these occasions when words fail, let our silence proclaim the bond between us.And then, dear Jesus, in the stillness, make us grateful that our friendship rests in You!

Prayer by Paul A. Ritter

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