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The Coach's Prayer

Lord, when I pick up the whistle, lace up my shoes and walk out of the locker room, I coach for You alone.

There is no turning back. In every victory and every defeat, I celebrate Your goodness and greatness.

The way I coach demonstrates my love for You. I stand for the cross and declare my loyalty to You. I coach for You.

My energy and enthusiasm come from the Holy Spirit. My purpose and passion come from above.

Through the strain and struggle, I never give up or give in.

The champion inside of me is Jesus who gives me strength.

Winning is honoring You in all I do. I coach for You. When I coach, I feel Your pleasure.

My heart longs for Your applause alone.

All of my abilities are from You. I am under Your authority as my Ultimate Coach. I will respect and honor all competitors, coaches, and officials. I compete by all of the rules. I coach for You. My coaching is my offering to my Savior. I am Your warrior in the heat of battle. I am humble in victory and gracious in defeat. I coach to serve You, my athletes, and our opponents.

My words bring healing and refreshment that inspire and motivate. I speak words of life. I coach for You. Success isn?t a winning program, but seeing the power of Christ transform the lives of my athletes. Victory is not the scoreboard, but for my athletes to become more like You. Bless my athletes in great ways and increase their faith and confidence. I coach for You. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Prayer courtesy the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at

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