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A Basketball Player's Prayer

The following prayer was submitted by Mike Owens of Austin, Texas. This beautiful prayer is written for basketball, but you can easily insert details of your own sport to make it personal to you.

I am a basketball player But I am a child of God first. This game that I am about to play is one small event in a much bigger life and universe. It is an opportunity for me to enjoy the gifts that God has given to me and glorify Him through my play. I glorify God by playing hard and giving effort on every play. I glorify God by treating others as I want to be treated and showing respect to my coach, the officials, the other team, and the fans. I glorify God by overcoming adversity and avoiding frustration after a mistake. I glorify God by winning the right way with my character intact and if I happen to lose by losing graciously but doing my best to the end. I will fight for loose balls and for position, but I will play clean and will not use these moments to take cheap shots at the other team. I will not retaliate if someone takes a cheap shot at me and will walk away from those conflicts and seek to make peace where I can. I will help others up when they fall no matter what team they are on and I will apologize if I do harm to another. I will strive to keep my composure and focus on what I can control. I will let my play and my character speak for me and will not talk trash or try to instigate conflict. I will remember who I am and why I am here – because of God’s grace – and I will not get caught up in the moment. I will play to have fun and enjoy the gifts that God has given to me – I am a child of God first and a basketball player second – I will glorify Him through my effort and by playing the right way.


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