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St. Joseph the Worker Prayer

Practice can be hard work and this popular Christian prayer can be used for athletic teams as well as traditional workers. Try using this as a team to offer both the difficult and the fun parts of your work to God and thank Him for the results that hard work will bring.

St. Joseph, by the work of your hands and the sweat of your brow,

you supported Jesus and Mary,

and had the Son of God as your fellow worker.

Teach me to work as you did, with patience and perseverance,

for God and for those whom God has given me to support.

Teach me to see in my fellow workers the Christ who desires to be in them,

that I may always be charitable and forbearing towards all.

Grant me to look upon work with the eyes of faith,

so that I shall recognize in it my share in God’s own creative activity

and in Christ’s work of our redemption, and so take pride in it.

When it is pleasant and productive, remind me to give thanks to God for it.

And when it is burdensome, teach me to offer it to God,

in reparation for my sins and the sins of the world.


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