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A Prayer to Begin an Athletic Board Meeting

Dear Lord,

We pray that you will protect and bless all the children that this Athletic Board will guide during the academic year.

We pray as we head into another school year that you also guide the (Insert School/League Name) Athletic Board

in the performance of our duties.

May we always remember… that our children are our most important priority … and that we, at all times, do what is best for our athletes in a loving and Christian environment. May we always remember… that we shall first minister and serve these students’ needs to learn, grow, and develop under our tutelage. May we always…. use Christ’s teachings and example in all of our encounters with our athletes, coaches, officials and all those people that we will meet in the course of performing our duties.

And, may we always bring honor and dignity to (Insert School/League Name), the Catholic Church and all of the families we represent.

We thank you for the talents given each of us here today as well as those that have served here in the past. May we build on our collective experiences and knowledge as we approach each day.

In Christ’s name,


Dave Deranek, Athletic Director St. Jude, South Bend, IN

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