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An Athlete's Prayer

I thank you O God,

for giving me a body which is fit and strong,

and for making me able to use it well.

In my training,

help me never to shrink the discipline which I know that I need

and that I ought to accept.

In my leisure and in my pleasure,

help me never to allow myself any indulgence

which would make me less fit than I ought to be.

When I compete with others, help me, win or lose, to play fair.

When I win, keep me from boasting;

When I lose, keep me from making excuses.

Keep me from being conceited when I succeed,

and from being sulky when I fail.

And help me always with good will congratulate a better man who beat me.

Help me so to live that I will always have a healthy body, and a healthy mind.

This I ask for Your love’s sake.


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