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A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Sports

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of sport.

Thank you for these games that we play that bring fun and joy.

Thank you for the gift of practices that help me to grow and to develop my skill.

Thank you for the gift of teammates who help me to improve each day,

Teammates who support me as we work toward a common goal.

Thank you for the gift of opponents who provide a challenge,

Who bring out my best and allow me to experience the joy of competition.

Thank you for the officials who keep the games fair,

and the parents and fans who cheer us on from the crowd.

Lord, I pray in thanksgiving for this great opportunity;

Be with me as I seek to glorify you in all that I do.

May I give you my all not just in practices and competition,

but in my daily life, my relationships,

and the time I spend in prayer with you.

I ask this through Christ, our Lord,


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