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A Prayer for Fortitude

St. Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is people fully alive.” A fully alive person has knowledge of what is true, good and beautiful. A fully alive person has the freedom to choose the right path and does what they ought to do with joy. The fully alive person is a person of virtue. There are four cardinal virtues which are the virtues that enable us to live as a moral person.

Help us Lord today to focus on and develop the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude within ourselves and on our team. Dear God, we ask for your grace to work on developing the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude. Help us to work hard; to never give up even while knowing it is very human to be tempted to quit. Help us to persevere toward reaching our goals, especially when they seem so far away.

Most of all Lord, help us to have courage at all times to be persistent in pursuing our goals with determination.

In your name we pray to grow in fortitude while playing for the glory of God.


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