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Who is Gen Z?

Have you heard of Generation Z? These are the youth that we are coaching and teaching today: ages 5-22 born between approximately 1995 and 2012, they are the kids in grade school, high school and college. Gen Z youth are considered to be the first generation of “digital natives” which means they have not existed without the internet (think about that for a moment!). Understanding the many characteristics of these youth - including their mindset and their value structure - can help us to be more effective coaches and sport administrators in serving our youth today.

At this June’s Sport Leadership conference, Kathleen Hessert will present: “Gen Z: Why They Zig When You Think They Will Zag and How to Adjust to this Challenging Generation.” Founder of Sports Media Challenge and a long-time expert in communications and media for professional athletes, Kathleen spearheads the “We R GenZ" initiative which conducts on-going research with eight high schools in Charlotte, North Carolina (the 11th largest school district in the US). Kathleen notes, “our intention is to create and connect children within a network so the voices of Generation Z can be heard.”

More of Kathleen's work can be found on our new Gen Z web page! Visit now and come back often, as we'll aggregate all the important info on Gen Z to help you understand and connect with this generation. Click the link above or find it under the Resources menu.

Taking the time to understand the perspectives of Generation Z will help us to be more effective coaches as we interact with this generation. We look forward to Kathleen’s session at our annual June Conference.

To read more about Kathleen’s work and Gen Z read this Article. Then click here to see even more results from Kathleen’s research.

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