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New Workshop Provides Support, Resources for Parents

It goes without saying at this point that our prayers continue to go out to all those who have been affected by the pandemic, whether through illness, unemployment or other forms of trauma and loss that so many are facing right now. Many of our partners and friends in the world of youth and high school sports have been hit hard by the coronavirus, with administrators, coaches and student-athletes facing difficult situations and uncertainty during this unprecedented crisis. Through ongoing communication and resources, our goal has been to provide support to these groups in any way we can.

In the midst of many conversations, a common theme has emerged in regards to one of the largest subgroups affected by the coronavirus. Parents are now expected to fulfill a number of new and unexpected roles in addition to the already enormous role of parenting. From teaching home-bound students to keeping children safe, healthy and active in the midst of a pandemic, many parents are facing unique challenges at home while also attempting to do their day jobs. All of this can be overwhelming. With this in mind, Play Like a Champion has teamed up with local partners to provide Parent Like a Champion Today: Support & Resources for Families During COVID-19. This virtual workshop takes parents through approximately 30 minutes of material from Dr. Clark Power, Kristin Sheehan, Catherine Matthews and Orlandus Thomas, providing helpful tips for everything from handling additional personal stress to keeping families active and healthy. It includes segments on important topics such as identifying emotional cues and practicing mindfulness meditation. The workshop was originally presented in April and is now available for partners across the country to present to groups of local parents online.

Following the presentation, discussion questions are designed to keep the conversation going and provide additional support within local communities. Part of this ongoing support will involve the formation of small groups of parents, who can continue to meet virtually in the coming weeks and months to accompany each other through the ups and downs of parenting in a COVID-19 world. These small groups will be facilitated locally by those who put on the initial workshop.

If you're a youth sports organization or high school, email us for a step-by-step guide to implementing this virtual parent workshop in your local community. If you're a coach or parent interested in this resource, reach out to your school or organization and ask them to join the list of Play Like a Champion partners already using this resource!

Youth sports provide one of the best ways to promote a child's welfare and whole development, but they also provide an important communal activity for both parents and children. The need for social distancing and the stress associated with a global pandemic has robbed many parents and children of some of the joy we're used to. Without the ability to gather with family, friends and fellow parents and share the experience of watching our children participate in sports, it's vital that we find other ways to connect and additional tools that allow us to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Play Like a Champion believes this new Parent Workshop will create a unique benefit, bringing parents together in a safe way to support one another.

We continue to pray for all those affected by the coronavirus and hope for progress that will allow a return to many of the activities we all enjoy. In the mean time, stay safe, healthy and active, and remember that even while physically distancing we remain stronger when we stick together.

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