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Fall Webinar Tackles the Future of Youth Football

As part of its Quarterly Webinar Series, on October 24, 2018 the Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series will host a webinar discussing the future of youth tackle football in America. Featuring experts from medicine, education, and coaching, this free one-hour session will seek to provide information and resources to Play Like a Champion partners with youth and high school football programs.

The program on October 24th seeks to address the following compelling questions:

  • Is tackle football safe for children?

  • What are the risks and benefits of youth tackle football?

  • At what age should tackle football start?

  • What rule changes can be made to make the game safer?

  • Should Flag Football replace tackle at certain ages?

  • Can Flag Football appropriately prepare children for tackle football?

The webinar will feature conversation with a leading medical expert as well as administrators and coaches at the youth and high school levels. In an effort to address the above questions, the webinar will look at the risk and benefits associated with both tackle and flag football, consider what has been done to address concerns in a number of specific schools and organizations over the past two years, and discuss the future of participation in football as a whole.

Youth Tackle Football has been the subject of increasing scrutiny and debate over the past few years, with the question of its safety and parameters moving all the way to the legislature in several states. Some organizations have called for banning the tackle version of the sport until high school while many still believe the benefits far outweigh any risks. While much of the debate centers around health concerns related to concussions, there's also evidence that recent rules changes have mitigated this risk and had a positive affect on the sport's overall safety.

Play Like a Champion understands that local communities, schools, leagues and organizations across the country have different concerns and perspectives on these issues. The goal of this webinar is to discuss the debate from several different angles, in a way that gives partners information they can use to make decisions that are best for their own children. In addition to expert presentations and discussion, time will also be made available for conversation and Q&A with partners during the session.

Play Like a Champion invites you to join us on Wednesday, October 24th as we facilitate this important discussion within our national community. The webinar is free to attend and open to the public. Click here to register now!

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