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Coronavirus: Preparation & Perspective

Updated: Mar 26

Whether or not your local community has reported cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it's now very likely that efforts to stop the spread of the global pandemic are having an affect on local schools, businesses and sports. While sports are very quickly put into perspective at a time like this, they are nevertheless an important part of the lives of so many children and adults across America. At Play Like a Champion, we are praying for all those impacted by the outbreak, while doing our best to aggregate information for leaders in our national community and consult where asked.

We know that the safety of families is of the utmost importance for each of our partners. It is critical that anyone in charge of a team, school or an athletic organization/league take precautions and make plans to safeguard the athletes, coaches and parents in your community. Many of you have already acted swiftly to enact additional safety measures, while some of you have had to make difficult decisions regarding games and events; we applaud each of you for your commitment and care for the children and families in your community. The impact across the world has certainly been great, with many leagues from youth to professional levels deciding to play without fans, suspend games, or cancel season altogether.

We encourage you to continue to keep up to date with the latest news, information and expert recommendations. A good starting place is visiting the CDC website, which has a page dedicated to all things coronavirus. We also encourage you to monitor your local news and listen to health officials for information about its affect in your area. The Aspen Institute's Project Play initiative has created a dedicated website on Coronavirus and Youth Sports to aggregate actions being taken by youth leagues across America. We encourage you to visit this source of information for the latest expert recommendations, themes and resources related to the response across youth sports. You can also subscribe to our free Friday Morning Rally newsletter for weekly updates on how communities across the country are handling the situation (last week's issue covered the recent news extensively). Our hope is that aggregating this information may help leaders as they consider next steps in their own organizations and schools.

In addition, please know that we are monitoring this situation closely as it relates to this summer's Play Like a Champion Today Sports Leadership Conference. The conference remains scheduled for June 26-27th. It is our hope that current precautions will mitigate the spread of the virus so that we can safely gather this summer as planned.

Sports provide an important physical, mental and social endeavor for our children, with many health benefits that can be a great positive in light of global concern. We encourage all administrators, coaches, parents and athletes to exercise prudence and caution while navigating these uncharted waters. Let's do our best to keep our athletes in the game long-term, while keeping everyone safe during the current situation.

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