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Parent Like a Champion Today
The Workshop for Champion Parents

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Register today for one of our upcoming virtual Parent Like a Champion Workshops. Each one hour session will take place via Zoom with a Play Like a Champion Trainer. Learn strategies for partnering with coaches to develop your Champion while creating a positive youth sports culture. Filled with research, tips from expert coaches and interaction with the Play Like a Champion approach, this is a must-attend workshop for sports parents!

*Tuesday workshop registration closes at Noon Eastern on day of workshop.

**Archdioceses of Miami and Denver parents are not eligible to register for this virtual workshop. The Miami and Denver parent workshops are specific to those schools and take place in-person. Please contact your school for more information or to register in those locations.

This version of the Parent Like a Champion Workshop is for parents of children in grades K-8. If you would like to bring this workshop to your high school, please email us for more information about the high school edition of the workshop. Each youth parent workshop is just $15 per family, paid when registering unless covered by your local organization. Participants will be emailed a link to join once registered along with workshop materials. For those taking the workshop as part of a local school/organization requirement, attendance will be provided upon completion of the workshop. Questions? Email us at!

Why Play Like a Champion?


We know that kids need sports! Positive sports experiences are associated with a range of benefits for youth that include: higher future earnings; less smoking and drug use; decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes and childhood obesity; higher academic achievement and productivity; improved life skills; and better overall mental health and self-esteem. (Source: Project Play State of Play 2020). We also know that sports provide a healthy, meaningful place for children to play and an alternative to negative influences like gang involvement and violence on the streets.

Play Like a Champion has the winning formula: Educate individuals in America's sports community to provide a positive sport culture. We do this through Play Like a Champion’s research-based coach, parent, official and athlete curriculum that builds an engaging climate for team development and an effective system for building positive relationships. This approach assures that all athletes can grow physically, socially, emotionally and morally through their athletic experience.

Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series Programs


Play Like a Champion Today has created an Educational Series comprised of unique and comprehensive programs designed to meet the needs of youth and high school partners by delivering research-based programs, resources, and consultation. Play Like a Champion’s curriculum is designed to elevate the culture of sport and enhance the life of every athlete by fostering their holistic development. Whether athletes grow socially, emotionally, mentally and morally through their sport experience depends upon the how the athletic environment is conducted. Programs partnering with Play Like a Champion Today can participate in:

  • A 3-4 Hour Coach Clinic for all Coaches & Athletic Personnel

  • A comprehensive plan with ongoing consultation from Play Like a Champion

  • Parent Like a Champion Workshop

  • A youth Official’s Workshop

  • Athlete Leadership Seminars and Player Handbook

  • Preseason and Postseason player, coach and parent evaluations of the athletic experience

  • A variety of Advanced Clinics and Workshops for continuing education

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Parent Workshops

In addition to coach and athlete education, Play Like a Champion provides Parent Like a Champion handbooks and workshops for parents of student-athletes that focus on appropriate roles and responsibilities to empower parents to be on the same page as to the purpose and process of the sports experience. The Parent Like a Champion Workshop curriculum and handbook aim to:

  • Identify what to look for in a positive sports program and what parents can expect from a well-formed coach.

  • Alert parents to behaviors that contribute to toxic sports climates and provide alternative supportive and positive behaviors.

  • Offer strategies for parents to emphasize character development in their child's sports journey

  • Provide parents with advice on nutrition, exercise, and motivation that can help their children develop wellness habits of physical literacy to last a lifetime.​

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