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Parent Like a Champion Today
The Workshop for Champion Parents

Thank you for registering for one of our upcoming virtual Parent Like a Champion Workshops! We're excited to have you join us as we discuss strategies for partnering with coaches to develop your Champion and creating a positive youth sports culture. Filled with research, tips from expert coaches and interaction with the Play Like a Champion approach, this is a must-attend workshop for sports parents!

Each youth parent workshop is just $15 per family. Thank you for taking a moment to pay using the secure form on this page. Simply click the corresponding button to pay by PayPal, Venmo or any Debit or Credit Card. You will be directed to a payment page to complete your secure transaction.

Participants will be emailed a link to join along with workshop materials. For those taking the workshop as part of a local school/organization requirement, attendance will be provided to your organization/school upon completion of the workshop. Questions? Email us at!

More on Parent Workshops

Play Like a Champion provides Parent Like a Champion handbooks and workshops for parents of student-athletes that focus on appropriate roles and responsibilities to empower parents to be on the same page as to the


purpose and process of the sports experience.

The Parent Like a Champion Workshop curriculum and handbook aim to:

  • Identify what to look for in a positive sports program and what parents can expect from a well-formed coach.

  • Alert parents to behaviors that contribute to toxic sports climates and provide alternative supportive and positive behaviors.

  • Offer strategies for parents to emphasize character development in their child's sports journey

  • Provide parents with advice on nutrition, exercise, and motivation that can help their children develop wellness habits of physical literacy to last a lifetime.​

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