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Play Like a Champion founder and co-director and Notre Dame Professor Clark Power has a blog on the Huffington Post where featuring commentary on moral issues in sports. 

Clark Power also recently had an op-ed piece featured on, where he wrote about the Olympic doping scandal with Russian athletes. View his article here: Punishing Russia over Olympic doping not enough.

Other National Media

Play Like a Champion has been featured in several publications.  Here are just a few:

Professor Power was featured in an interview with Our Sunday Visitor on the need for moral development in sports as little league baseball season gets underway.



Professor Power wrote extensively on the hazing scandal on the Sayerville, NJ football team and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal



Professor Power discussed the need for moral development in all sports, even at the professional level, as the NFL worked to combat domestic violence with NBC News.



Professor Power has been an advocate for justice in youth sports for several years, and recently spoke with US Catholic on the subject.  Professor Power was also featured in US Catholic discussing the subject of bullying and homophobia in youth sports.


Long an advocate for serving those in need, Professor Power discussed the power of education in an essay in US Catholic on teaching the Great Books at South Bend's Center for the Homeless.

Local Media Mentions

Play Like a Champion recently began partnering with the Rapid City Catholic School System, as chronicled here by the official Catholic newspaper for the Diocese of Rapid City. The West River Catholic newspaper discusses the importance of Play Like a Champion's approach and how its programs can positively benefit children.

Play Like a Champion Today partnered with the Sprit of Football to bring The Ball to St. Adalbert's school in South Bend. The Ball, the "star of the beautiful game" is travelling from London to Brazil in advance of the World Cup and is being used to spread a message of the importance of unity and teamwork along the voyage.  Check out footage from the visit here

As concerns about Bullying sweep the country, Clark Power, Professor of Psychology at Notre Dame and the Play Like a Champion founder and director, was featured in a special report on the issue.

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