We CHAMPION Female Coaches

"The more role models there are, the more that it will change. People do see it as a career now so I do expect more female coaches in the coming years."  ~ Karen Brown, Hockey

“By and large, the coaches who taught me how to grow up and become a woman were, well, women.” ~ Bea Chang, Basketball

"Find a mentor and also be a mentor. Seek out a woman that has been coaching for longer than you to help guide you along the way. And also seek out a younger woman or girl who has great leadership qualities to guide into a possible coaching career. Mentoring is important because the support and encouragement of other coaches helps you become better and more confident in your abilities."  

~ Wendy Louque, Soccer

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Female Coaches

This fall, the Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series is launching a social media initiative inviting female coaches to share photos and videos of themselves expressing the message "This is What a Coach Looks Like!"  Please participate and join the movement!

Did you know…

  • It has been almost 45 years since Title IX was established and female sport participation is at an all-time high. Yet, the percentage of women coaching women at the collegiate level has declined from over 90% in 1974 to a nearly all-time low today of approximately 40%.

  • About 15% of youth coaches are women. The lack of female role models and female coaches may contribute to the higher drop out rate for girls.

  • Up to 75% of youth are dropping out of sports by the age of 13 primarily, they say, because it is not fun anymore…60% of these adolescents are females.

  • 80-90% of media coverage is mens’ sports; when women are covered it’s often highly sexualized.

  • Research shows that most female coaches got into coaching because their coach acknowledged their capacity to be a good coach and suggested they pursue it.


How to Get Involved!

  • Share your story! Use the hashtag #WeChampionFemaleCoaches on social media to share success stories of female coaches in your teams, schools and organizations. Take a picture like the ones seen on this page and post along with thoughts about what this means to you. Tell us about the amazing women coaching in your area and help encourage more females of all ages to get in the game. You could even win great prizes as part of an upcoming contest!

  • Promote this message with mothers of athletes inviting them to coach. Use our flyer on "The Benefits of Being a Coach which can be posted and distributed on your organization's website, social media, emails and in-person at meetings and events.

  • Create a "Women’s Only" coaching clinic at your local level! Ask a great female coach in your area or school to provide a clinic in her sport. Invite local girls and women of all ages to attend and learn. Cover practice and game plans, game strategy, and also strategies for women balancing work and family with being a youth sports parent and coach. Promote the importance of women coaching. Make this 45-60 minutes and include child care during the clinic.

  • Add a +1! Encourage everyone in your organization to bring a female coach on-board as an assistant or head coach of another team. For youth organizations, have every one of your female coaches strive to add a female assistant or convince another woman to take on the role of head coach within your league. For high schools, talk to your male and female coaches about encouraging and considering female applicants for open assistant coaching positions. If everyone just added a +1, we would make a dramatic impact across our communities!

  • Encourage high school and college aged girls to “sample” coaching by assisting on a youth or high school team. You never know when this simple step will lead to a lifetime of coaching that can have a positive impact on so many!

  • Think of something else that would make a positive impact in this movement? Email us or hit us on social media to let us know!

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