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Ever wonder why 70% of youth drop out of sports claiming it’s not fun? 


Want to learn more about how Play Like a Champion is helping provide access to positive youth and high school sports experiences for all children across the country?


You are cordially invited to a fundraiser in support of our mission: "A Team for Every Child." Join Pro Football Hall of Fame member and 1987 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown in a discussion about how sports transformed his life, then learn more about how Play Like a Champion is changing lives though thousands of parents, coaches and children like Tim across the country!

  • Drinks, Appetizers and Dessert will be plentiful!

  • The evening begins at 6:30 pm with the program featuring Tim Brown beginning at 7:30 pm at "ESRP's Tailgate Room" at The Star in Frisco. 


Join Us for a Fundraiser in Support of "A Team for Every Child"

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

6:30 pm

"ESRP's Tailgate Room" at The Star

Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters

One Cowboys Way, Frisco, TX 75034

The Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series offers an approach to elevate the culture of youth and high school sports. Issues such as early sport specialization, pay-to-play athletics and a win-at-all cost mentality have taken the “play” out of sports for our country’s children. Athletic participation is down 8% over the last decade and children from low-income households are half as likely to play one day’s worth of team sports. Play Like a Champion seeks to increase opportunties for all children to play as well as provide programs for coaches and parents to develop athletes character through sport. Since our program’s inception in 2006, 120,000 coaches and sport parents have received the training which impacts more than 2 million athletes making their world happier and healthier.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Americans decided that sports should not be just a privilege for the elite, but a right  for all children and a vital part of their moral civic education. A hundred years later, youth sports have lost their noble purpose. Seventy percent of children drop out of youth sports largely because they are no longer fun. Far too many coaches and parents put winning before serving children.  Worst of all, as a country we are locking the least fortunate of our children out of sports because their families cannot afford to pay for them to play.  


Play Like a Champion was founded in 2006 to recapture the vision that led Americans to invest in serving children through sports. Through education, consultation, and advocacy, Play Like a Champion Today has worked in partnership with organizations across the country to provide children everywhere with a safe, fair and fun youth sports experience that fosters their development as citizens as well as athletes.

Play Like a Champion has touched the lives of over a million children through a network of over a hundred thousand coaches and parents. Join us to learn more about our dynamic and transforming approach for every child!

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