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2024 Play Like a Champion Conference Culminating Concert: June 14, 2024 at 7:30 pm

How To Be a Champion
Presented by John Scully and Jack Sacco

Two longtime friends and contemporaneous graduates from the University of Notre Dame articulate key elements of success across multiple disciplines. Jack Sacco and John Scully are no strangers to the Notre Dame community and have excelled over the last four decades in a number of diverse fields: sports, writing, music, business, research, and public speaking. Messrs. Sacco and Scully appear together for the first time at our annual event, as they reveal some of the common threads that transcend the pursuit of excellence, with an emphasis on finding and following the right behavioral examples to be a true Champion.


John Scully


Jack Sacco

"A leader on and off the gridiron, John Scully's manifold contributions to sporting and artistic traditions at Notre Dame are unrivaled. Not only was John blessed with unnatural athletic ability, good looks, and an infectious personality, he's a ridiculously talented musician and lyricist, as evinced by how he penned the iconic and ubiquitous "Here Come the Irish.” A loyal, generous, and unassuming son of Notre Dame, John remains an inspiration to so many of us." 

Lou Nanni, Vice President University Relations, University of Notre Dame


“Notre Dame is proud to claim Jack Sacco as a beloved and distinguished alumnus. Jack has returned to campus on repeated occasions to speak to large crowds about his acclaimed novel, ‘Where the Birds Never Sing.’ He is an exceptional storyteller as well as an incredibly engaging presenter. Beyond all that, Jack could not be more compassionate and kind. We consider him a Renaissance man, as he writes compelling narratives, composes beautiful and captivating music, and speaks eloquently and persuasively. In addition to all his talent, Jack remarkably has remained humble and has never forgotten his roots.”

Lou Nanni, Vice President University Relations, University of Notre Dame

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