Keeping Kids Active at Home

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all families across the country, shutting down schools and sports at every level. With social distancing guidelines and widespread "stay at home" orders, it can be a struggle to keep children active. It's critical to the physical and mental health of our children that they get regular exercise and maintain goals while without organized sports. Play Like a Champion is here to help.  We've created this page as a place to list resources and share ideas from across the country, with a goal of helping parents and coaches to keep kids moving until we can return to normal activity. We encourage you to explore the links below, then follow and connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get additional resources and share your own. Together, we can keep kids healthy and strong while helping stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Ideas for Activity at Home

Since athletes are not able to play together with class/teammates, we may need to get creative with our home-based environment. Sometimes the easiest skills can be practiced solo and with little to no equipment: stairs can be used for calf raises, sprints, or modified lunges and push-ups; a sidewalk crack can be used to jump over side-to-side for agility training; a brick wall can be used to work on throwing accuracy or for wall-sits. Consider which of these suggested activities would be most fun for you and start moving:


  • Running around the block or neighborhood (for endurance training) 

  • Interval training with sprints

  • Jump Rope

  • Ride bikes with your family

  • Play catch with your family

  • Hit or throw into a net

  • Go for a 1 mile power walk

  • Fly a kite (and run with it)

  • Jumping jacks 

  • Push-ups

  • Sit-ups

  • Wall Sits

  • Play wall ball

  • Throw a ball or a frisbee for your pet

  • Skip to the end of your street and back

  • Play hopscotch (improves balance and coordination)

  • Yoga or Stretching (increases body flexibility)

  • Have your own personal dance party 

*As many of these activities may take place outside and in public spaces, please be sure to follow the recommendations of local authorities and public health officials. While these are great ideas for the majority of people, some cities or individuals may have limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining specific goals is an important way to stay motivated! Click here to download a worksheet athletes can use to set and track physical activity and goals every day of the week!

Coaching Resources

BSN Sports Free Coaching Webinars (Assorted Sports & Strength Training)

Online Video Cardio and Workouts

Beach Body Kids Workouts

Hip Hop Aerobics

Cardio Dance


Yoga Home Workout

Pilates Home Workout

At Home Health & PE

*YouTube has thousands of videos that can be used for general workouts or sport-specific training, with many programs and coaches posting new videos daily while parents and kids are currently at home. We recommend visiting and searching for whatever sport or activity interests you!

Andre from Four Point Play Teaches Basketball Drills You Can Do at Home

Mental Health Resources

While we strive to maintain our physical health in a time of social distancing and isolation, it's also critical that we recognize the impact on mental health in athletes as well as our family and friends. Exercises like those found above can improve mental health, as can establishing a routine and finding ways to stay connected with others while isolated. We encourage you to checkout the resources below and engage in activities that build mental health! 

Association for Applied Sport Psychology - Tips for Athletes, Coaches, Parents and the Sports Community

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Varsity Brands - Believe in You Video Series

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