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Sport Prayers

The 5 Minute Game Plan was developed as a way to supplement catechesis in the youth sports environment for Catholic parish and school teams. The idea is simple: create a concrete format for bringing the important concepts our children learn in school theology or religious education curriculum onto the field and court. Designed in a way that is easy for a coach to implement no matter his or her background, the 5 Minute Game Plan uses prayer, Catholic tradition, and discussion questions to create a 5-10 minute opportunity for kids to connect their sport with key elements of their Christian faith. Each week also includes an idea for the coach to take the topic one step further, such as a team service activity or practice idea. The goal is to provide one more way for sport to help children grow and develop in their faith.

The lesson plans span from 3rd through 8th grade and cover fall, winter and spring athletic seasons. They are separated by grade and while the plan does give suggested splits by season, you can use any of the roughly 30 lessons during any team's season. A complete edition of all plans is also included. The documents are in PDF form so they can be easily printed or transferred to a tablet or phone for electronic use each week. Note that the lessons are password protected for Play Like a Champion partners, so you will need to click the link above (or click here) to request access by email, then click the link below to access plans.


An overview and helpful guidelines are located near the front of each PDF. Most coaches have had success doing these before the first practice each week in order to create a framework for what they hope to accomplish, but you may find a different time is beneficial to your team. You can also include other coaches and kids in praying, reading through the plans and leading discussion!

Our goal here is to facilitate conversation, learning and prayer for the children on your team in a way that helps them to grow spiritually, mentally and ultimately physically through their involvement in Catholic youth sports. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the 5 Minute Game Plan, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing

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