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Join Play Like a Champion's Community!

Play Like a Champion Today provides leadership in a worldwide effort to change the culture of youth sports, partnering with sports organizations at the youth and high school levels to provide all children with an opportunity to play sports in a safe, fun and supportive environment. We do this by educating ethically responsible sport leaders, working together with coaches, parents, athletic administrators and athletes to foster programs that promote both character development and athletic growth. Yet we are more than just an educational program. We are a growing community of leaders committed to changing the culture by exchanging ideas, sharing best practices and translating values in to action. A research-based, independent non-profit initiative, Play Like a Champion works together with organizations to serve the needs of your community through unique access to interactive clinics, events, a national conference and much more. Learn more about our programs and join us as we work to provide A Team for Every Child.

In the News

Play Like a Champion is proud to be a recipient of a grant from Laureus USA Sport for Good, joining a team of 41 organizations throughout Illinois who will receive funding for efforts that use sport as a vehicle for youth development and violence prevention. As part of this initiative, Play Like a Champion will train local trainers to provide coach and parent workshops in the Chicago area, creating a sustainable, positive athletic culture in local programs. 


Read more about this grant and Laureus USA by clicking here.

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